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First day of school on Monday  23rd  of August

Students attend the school assembly hall. The principal addresses students and after that pupils will follow their teachers into their classroom.

9th  and 10th grade at 9.00.
8th  grade at 9.30
6th  and 7th  grade at 10.00.
4th  and 5th  grade at 10.30
2nd  and 3rd  grade at 11.00.

Students in 1st grade will be invited for interviews with parents on August 23rd or 24th. Teaching starts according to their schedule in 2nd -10th  grades on Tuesday 24th  and in the 1st grade on Wednesday 25th.

Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, parents are unfortunately not allowed to accompany their children into the school at this time.

Further information about the classes and the supervising teachers will be sent to parents.

Hreiðar Sigtryggsson